Quick note: 3 warnings means a ban.

1. spamming the forum

Spamming the forum is not geting tolerated at all. If a user gets caught by spamming the forum with useless treaths, they will get warned or maybe also banned if either 3 warnings exceeded or a lot of spamm happened.

2. hating or trolling on people

Now, don't understand me wrong, a bit of trolling is allowed. How ever, if users don't stop trolling or just blasting commants at a user that are obwiously just there to hate on them is not geting tolerated and the treatening user will get a warning.

3. elegal content

Posting hacks, cracks, elegal collected data or any details on how to get those will result in an instant ban. We are strickt here. Please note that game audio doesn't count here.

4. p0rnografic materials

P0rnografic material of any kind is not allowed in this forum. Mainly cause this forum has no age checks.

5. forum language

the main forum language is english. In pm, you can of course use what ever you want.

6. have fun

Don't use this forum if you don't like it.